We Care About Your Privacy

When you use our “Find a Lawyer” services, we want you to know that we care about your privacy.

When you call our LRIS staff, we will collect the following information to help refer you to a lawyer:

We collect this information in order to refer you to a lawyer, or to point you to a specific agency that may be better able to assist you with your particular legal needs.

We will only discuss the information about your legal problem with a potential lawyer’s office, to make sure you can be assisted in a legal capacity.

We will also ask you for:

We will not give out any personal information provided by you to any other individuals or advertisers without your written consent.

You will be charged a $30 (thirty dollar) administrative fee for this service. This fee helps us continue to provide this valuable service to others in the community who are searching for a lawyer.

Frequently Asked Questions: Get more answers to your questions about our LRIS program.

Emails & Letters

We may place emails and letters that you send to us into your file.

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